Below is a list of useful and informative books about Eating Disorders, some written by professionals, others by those with personal experience. We hope you find them helpful.

Skills-Based Caring for a Loved one with an Eating Disorder: The New Maudsley Method
by Janet Treasure, Grainne Smith and Anna Crane

Becoming John: Anorexia’s Not Just For Girls
by John Evans

Boys Get Anorexia Too: Coping with Male Eating Disorders in the Family
by Jenny Langley (Published by Paul Chapman Educational Publishing)

Fit to Die: Men and Eating Disorders
by Anna Paterson (Published by Lucky Duck)

Hope with Eating Disorders
by Lynn Crilly

Please Eat
by Beverly Mattocks

The Invisible Man: A Self-help Guide for Men with Eating Disorders, Compulsive Exercise and Bigorexia
by John F Morgan (2008)

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