Education Campaigns 2015

Education Campaigns 2015


The Laurence Trust are participating in a preventative education campaign with years 11-14 students in 2015.  So far we have visited local schools - St Columbanus High School, Bangor, Ballymoney High School and the latest school visit to Castlewellan High School (see above picture);  we are delivering basic information about eating disorders, self esteem and confidence to raise a discussion and promote positive thinking by young students to enhance their knowledge base of mental health issues and how to cope with the challenges they encounter and will encounter in the future; so far the feedback we are receiving is very positive; we do share Laurence's story to aid the underpinning knowledge of the reality of eating disorders and their impact on sufferers and their families; this has been very well received.  As part of our campaign and along with Mind Your Moods Workshops being run by medical students in QUB, the Laurence Trust has participated in  workshops delivering a presentation to potential future medical healthcare providers ie GPs/Psychiatrists/Psychologists;  we feel it is vital to share our experience to give an understanding of the realities of eating disorders and the struggles sufferers and their families experience.

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Laurence Trust TeamThe Laurence Trust is made up of a team of passionate people from a range of age groups and backgrounds, who share a dedication to supporting men with eating disorders and their loved ones.
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