What We Do

Our primary aim at The Laurence Trust is to provide information and support to men living with Eating Disorders. We also aim to provide relief for families by promoting their mental and physical wellbeing and giving them the tools to help support their loved ones.

What We Do

Why we started?

Pamela Nugent founded The Laurence Trust in 2012 after her youngest son Laurence passed away in 2009 struggling from bulimia and depression for around 8 years.

Since Laurence's passing his family and friends have struggled to make sense of what has happened to Laurence, but they have found light and hope in the motivation to help other young men and their families who find themselves in the same position.

The Laurence Trust was founded with the primary goal of supporting men in their daily battle with eating disorders and related issues. Through raising awareness of eating disorders affecting men, we offer information and hope to sufferers whilst simultaneously bringing to the attention of healthcare providers the much-needed changes required. These changes we hope, would improve the provision of appropriate care to men and their families.

How we aim to move forward:

The Laurence Trust has set up this website for men living with eating disorders and related issues, their families, healthcare providers and the general public to; access up-to-date information about eating disorders; share links to support agencies; and provide footsteps to good health including:

  • recognising the signs of an eating disorder
  • getting information about eating disorders
  • seeking help from a local GP 
  • helping people living with eating disorders gain the confidence to share their feelings
  • providing helpful information to the families so that they can actively support their loved one

We also aim to raise the profile of The Laurence Trust by interacting with members of the public by: 

  • Using social media;
  • Distributing crisis cards containing contact information of support agencies such as The Samaritans; Lifeline; The Eating Disorder Association NI; PIPs; Adapt Distress Eating Disorders NI; STAMP ED; BEAT; AWARE NI; Men Get Eating Disorders Too; MIND; to enable young men to have immediate first hand support;
  • Circulating informative literature in public facilities used by young people and in local healthcare services to raise awareness of eating disorders and display links to support agencies;
  • Engaging with other local and regional groups with an aim of collectively raising awareness of eating disorders, particularly among men and providing better support for me living with an eating disorder and their families;
  • Organising fundraising events within the local and wider community to raise funds to support the work of The Laurence Trust and raise awareness of eating disorders among young men;
  • Developing links with local healthcare services; education providers and gain their support in helping young men living with eating disorders;
  • Developing links with local and national media resources to raise awareness of the struggles of young men by providing them with relevant up to date information including available statistical information; sharing a quarterly newsletter, and undertake interviews on request;
  • Facilitating a support group on a monthly basis – or as needs require- to provide support to young men living with eating disorders, and provide a forum for families to share information and support each other in order to help them become a supportive family unit;
  • Facilitating seminars/workshops for men and their families, and local healthcare providers to improve care by providing information, sharing experiences and developing a greater understanding of eating disorders as they relate to men.

Meet Our Team

Laurence Trust TeamThe Laurence Trust is made up of a team of passionate people from a range of age groups and backgrounds, who share a dedication to supporting men with eating disorders and their loved ones.
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