Meet the Team

The Laurence Trust could not do the work it does without the support of our dedicated trustees and volunteers. It is their passion and skills that allow us to provide the help and support that is needed.

Meet the Team

Pam Nugent

Founder Member

Pam Nugent founded The Laurence Trust in 2012 after her youngest son Laurence passed away in 2009. Laurence had struggled with Bulimia and depression for around 8 years.

Pam's experiences as the mother of a child living with an eating disorder; her lack of knowledge; and the lack of available help for Laurence during the final years of his suffering became the driving force for her to set-up a voluntary group. This group is to support men living with an eating disorder and help them through their recovery.

The Laurence Trust aims to become a source of information for families, so they can understand the struggles their loved ones are experiencing. Hopefully this will help them to avoid finding themselves in the same position Pam was in dealing with the loss of her youngest son.

Christopher Nugent


Christopher Nugent is Laurence’s older brother and is the co-founder and Chairman of The Laurence Trust.

Through The Laurence Trust Chris aims to help men with eating disorders get the help and support they need to understand what they are going through and give them the confidence to open up and talk about their experiences.

Alongside his role with The Laurence Trust, Chris works as an Information Officer in the public sector. He also holds BSc and MSc degrees in Applied Psychology from the University of Ulster and has a keen interest in mental health and health inequalities.

Outside of work Chris enjoys sport including playing soccer and cycling.

Michael Magill


Michael Magill grew up with both Laurence and Chris in their local village of Ballygowan Co. Down and was friends with Laurence right up until the day he passed away. Michael, Laurence and Chris shared many interests and had a lot of great experiences as friends following motorsport, going on holiday, working and socialising together.

Laurence's passing came as a big shock to Michael who had little knowledge of his struggles with an eating disorder before he passed away.

As a volunteer with The Laurence Trust, Michael aims to help other young men who live with mental health problems to have the confidence to confide in their friends so that they can share problems, and get the help and support they need to overcome their difficulties.

Alongside his role in The Laurence Trust, Michael works as a Quantity Surveyor in Belfast.

Iain Cunningham


Iain Cunningham is a teacher and the Co-ordinator for Special Needs in a local Secondary School in Co. Antrim, and was another of Laurence's close friends.

Through his work with children Iain has seen first-hand the difficulties that adolescents and young people with mental health issues face in their everyday life.

One of his aims is to educate young men about the social pressures and stigmas which must be tackled in order to help them deal with mental health issues and seek the help they need without fear or shame.

Peter Crossett


Peter met Laurence when he was about 17 years old; they became close friends and remained close until Laurence passed away. Like all of Laurence's friends Peter was not aware of the issues that Laurence had been living with before he died.

From the foundation of the trust in 2012 Peter has been one of its most loyal volunteers, getting involved in awareness campaigns, fundraisers and helping to guarantee the success of the trust's events through his hard work and dedication. 

Peter is the most recent trustee of The Laurence Trust, taking up the role in 2015. We at the Laurence Trust are delighted to have him on the board of trustees and feel that his dedication, organisational and sharp decision making skills will be invaluable in all aspects of the charity's work.

Our Volunteers

Along with the Trustees The Laurence Trust is kindly and loyally supported by a number of key volunteers. Without their support and help, the much needed funds would not be raised. The Volunteers help in every aspect of organising, planning and running fundraising events, and share in raising awareness of and spreading the message that eating disorders can affect ANY man.

Meet Our Team

Laurence Trust TeamThe Laurence Trust is made up of a team of passionate people from a range of age groups and backgrounds, who share a dedication to supporting men with eating disorders and their loved ones.
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