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Pam Nugent’s Story

Here Pamela Nugent talks about losing her son Laurence to Eating Distress. It is important to remember that you can get help and that recovery is completely possible.

Pam’s Story

Hello my name is Pam Nugent I am a Co founder of the Laurence trust along with my son Chris. I am also a mum to Laurence and to Chris. Laurence very sadly left us on the 30th of September 2009.  He had an eating disorder. Laurence was a great lad, very very funny very compassionate and a very happy young man in certain ways, but in other ways he wasn’t happy, but we didn’t know that.

We have started the Laurence trust to support families who find themselves in the same situation as we did.We didn’t know our young son had an eating disorder we didn’t understand. Now we do.

That is why we as the Laurence Trust work to help families and sufferers, their carers and friends.

To help make things better.

Thank you.