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If you’re a carer looking for support…

Eating disorders don’t just affect those suffering from the illness. Carers, friends and loved ones can all feel the strain that eating disorders cause. You must have a solid support network and someone to talk to.

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How can The Laurence Trust Help Families and Carers

Co Director Pam Nugent Explains how The Laurence Trust can help Families and Carers

Support groups and communities

If you’re looking after someone with an eating disorder or you are a parent searching for extra advice and guidance, we can connect you to a range of different communities, support networks and groups. As a specialist organisation dedicated to supporting men with eating disorders, we make sure the spaces we recommend are safe for carers of all types.

Take a look at our full range of Northern Ireland support groups and communities here:

Please see: Get Help for all the available resources

Online resources and guides

Caring for someone with an eating disorder can be challenging, confusing and, in some cases, complicated. We’ve collated a selection of online resources and guides designed to help carers like you make sense of eating disorders. In combination with expert help and medical care, we support families and carers across NI to decipher what an eating disorder means for them and their household.

See our resources and guides to support carers here:

Please see: Get Help for all the available resources