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The Laurence Trust can provide the information, guidance and awareness we deliver across Northern Ireland thanks to our dedicated volunteers, supporters and donors. Through your help and the help of hundreds of other people affected by male eating disorders, we can provide a hub of information and signposting to improve the lives of those struggling with all forms of eating disorders.

Donations and fundraising

As a Northern Irish charity, all the funding we receive comes from the generous and compassionate community around us. We welcome all donations you can provide to support our work. Every penny goes towards furthering the work we do and providing men with the information they need in order to improve their recovery chances. You can choose to donate directly to us. You can organise office events, school fundraisers, or any other community donation drive to continue our vital work.

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Increasing awareness

Awareness of male eating disorders is a huge part of what we do, and the further our reach, the better. We can provide resources, publications, posters and more to download for use in community centres, schools, doctors’ offices and more. Our goal is to be a central hub of information that people can come to if they’re looking to find help, and the more our name is out there, the more we can achieve that mission.

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Volunteering with us

Are you interested in donating your time to us? Take a look at our volunteer page to find out more.

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